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Aviation & Transportation

Industry Experience

Dr. Svetlin Krastanov has worked on various tax projects for foreign and local companies operating in the Aviation & Transportation industy. Below is a selection of some of his recent projects for clients from this industry:

  • Advice on the Bulgarian tax aspects of sale of airplanes.

  • Review and comments from a Bulgarian tax and customs perspectives of agreements for lease of airplanes.

  • Advice on the Bulgarian VAT aspects of sales of goods on the boards of airplanes.

  • Advice on the Bulgarian VAT, excise and customs aspects of supplies of fuel to airplanes.

  • Transfer pricing project for a large multinational shipping company.

  • Advice on the VAT aspects of the activities of a large Bulgarian port.

  • Tax advice provided to various transportation companies.

Dedicated Services

The tax services offered by Dr. Krastanov specifically for the Aviation & Transportation industries includes the following:

  • Tax advice on various activities performed by companies from the Aviation & Transportation industry.

  • Review and comments on agreements for sales and lease of airplanes and spare parts for them.

  • Industry focused tax training events.

  • Tailor-made tax newsletters for Aviation & Transportation companies.

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