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Dr. Svetlin Krastanov is author of many publications on taxation. He has contributed also to various publications of large international organisations such as the World Bank, the European Commission, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, etc. Dr. Krastanov was at the age of 23 when he published his first analytical article in Money newspaper and he was very proud to receive the award "The most effective publication for 2003".


Below is a list with selected publications of Dr. Svetlin Krastanov.

Bulgaria: introduction of new mandatory transfer pricing documentation requirements


​Article on the new transfer pricing documentation requirements published in State Gazette on 13 August 2019.                                                               

12 reasons why Bulgaria has one of the most favorable tax systems in the EU


​Article dedicated to the various advantages of the Bulgarian tax system.                                                     

VAT aspects of installation projects in Bulgaria

International VAT Monitor, IBFD, May 2018.

​Article dedicated to various VAT implications for foreign participants in installation projects in Bulgaria.

Taxation of NGOs in 2015

Co-author of a book issued by the Bulgarian Center for Non-Profit Law, 2015

​A book dedicated to taxation of NGOs in Bulgaria in 2015.

Taxation of NGOs in 2011

Co-author of a book issued by the Bulgarian Center for Non-Profit Law, 2011

​A book dedicated to taxation of NGOs in Bulgaria in 2011.

Taxation of restaurant services

Forbes Magazine (Bulgarian edition), November 2012

An article on the taxation of restaurant services in the EU.

Taxation for sustainable development of tourism

Balkan Ecology Magazine, December 2012

An article dedicated to the tax measures towards sustainable development of the tourism industry.

VAT treatment of the intermediary services in the tourism sector of the EU

Accounting XXI magazine, January 2008

An article on the new VAT rules for the tourism sector applicable as of 1 January 2012. ​

Actual aspects of the tax policy in the tourism sector

Economic Alternatives magazine, October 2007

An article analysing the trends in the tourism taxation.

VAT barometer in the European tourism

Bank, Investments, Money magazine, August 2007

An article presenting the results of measuring the VAT applied to tourism packages in different countries of the EU.

VAT in the tourism sector of the EU

Bank, Investments, Money magazine, May 2007

An article dedicated to VAT applied on the tourism services in the European Union.

VAT on the restaurant services in the EU

Economy magazine, May 2007

An article on VAT applied to the restaurant services in the European Union.