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VAT Consulting


  • Advice on the VAT aspects of varios transactions and activities.

  • Review of agreements/contracts and comments from a VAT perspective, including potential optimizations.

  • Industry specific VAT advice for companies from different industries.

  • Advice on VAT registration obligations in Bulgaria arising from different activities performed by foreing companies.

  • Optimization of supply chains from a VAT perspective.

  • Analysis of fixed establishment risk and the related liabilities in Bulgaria.

  • Identification of opportunities for VAT refunds and communication with the tax authorities this respect.

  • Assistance with the VAT aspects of implementation of ERP systems and automated solutions.

  • Advice on the requirements related to cash registers and related documents.

  • Assistance with VAT checks and VAT audits.

  • Assistance with preparation of proposals for amendments to the Bulgarian VAT legislation.

  • Tailor-made newsletters on developments in the Bulgarian VAT legislation and administrative anc court practices.

  • VAT reviews, health checks and due diligence.

  • Tailor-made trainings on VAT related topics for various industries.

VAT Compliance


  • Advice on the VAT compliance obligations in Bulgaria.

  • Assistance with general tax and VAT registrations in Bulgaria.

  • Assistance with the Bulgarian VAT compliance of foreign companies, including:

    • Preparation of Bulgarian VAT returns, sales and purchases ledgers and other VAT reporting documents;

    • Review of prepared VAT reporting documents;

    • Monthly submission of VAT returns and ledgers to the National Revenue Agency;

    • Preparation of invoices, protocols and other documents in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation;

    • Communication with the National Revenue Agency.



  • Advice on the Bulgarian Intrastat requirements and obligations.

  • Analysis of applicability of potential simplifications.

  • Assistance with the Bulgarian Intrastat compliance.

Excise duties


  • Advice on the Bulgarian excise duty aspects of envisaged transactions.

  • Optimization of supply chains from exec duties perspective.

  • Identification of opportunities for refunds of excise duties and assistance with obtaining the refunds.

  • Assistance in communication with the customs authorities.

  • Tailor-made trainings on excise duties.

Customs duties


  • Advice on the customs duties aspects of envisaged transactions and activities.

  • Assistance with obtaining an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.

  • Assistance with obtaining Binding Tariff Information (BTI) and Binding Origin Information (BOI).

  • Customs Valuation & Classification advice.

  • Customs reviews, health checks and due diligence.

  • Assistance with communication with the customs authorities.

  • Tailor-made trainings on customs duties.

Ecological duties


  • Advice on the Bulgarian ecological duties requirements.

  • Analysis and advice on the different options for compliance with the Bulgarian ecological duty requirements.

Corporate taxation


  • Advice on the Bulgarian corporate income tax aspects of the performed activity.

  • Analysis of permanent establishment risk in Bulgaria, including review of agreements/contracts and related documents.

  • Assistance with preparation and review of the Bulgarian corporate income tax returns.

  • Advice on the various tax incentives provided in the Corporate Income Tax Act and assistance with their application.

  • Advice on the tax on expenses.

  • Corporate Income Tax reviews and health checks.

  • Tailor-made trainings on Corporate Income Taxation.

Withholding taxation


  • Advice on the Bulgarian withholding tax aspects of different transactions.

  • Review of agreements/contracts and related documents and comments on the Bulgarian WHT obligations and potential optimizations.

  • Assistance with obtaining DTT reliefs.

  • Assistance with WHT refunds.

Insurance Premium Tax


  • Advice on the Bulgarian insurance premium tax requirements.

  • Assistance with general tax registration with the National Revenue Agency of foreign insurers.

  • Assistance with preparation and submission of Bulgarian insurance premium tax returns.

Local Taxes and Duties


  • Advice on the Bulgarian local taxes and duties obligations.

  • Identification of potential optimization strategies regarding real estate tax and garbage collection duty and assistance with implementation of these strategies.

Transfer pricing


  • Advice on the Bulgarian transfer pricing documentation requirements.

  • Review of transfer pricing master files and adaptation for Bulgarian tax purposes.

  • Assistance with preparation of local transfer pricing documentation.

  • Assistance with preparation of country-by-country reports (CbCR) and notifications.

Tax Incentives and Tax Refunds Advisory

  • Analysis of potential application of tax incentives (both for direct and indirect taxes) for business from various sectors.

  • Assistance with obtaining the required permissions for applications of different incentives.

  • Identification of opportunities for tax refunds and assistance with obtaining the refunds.

Tax Controversy


  • Assistance with preparation for tax checks/audits.

  • Assistance during tax checks and tax audits.

  • Preparations of objections against acts issued by the tax/customs authorities.

  • Assistance with administrative appeals against acts issued by the tax/customs authorities.

Tax Mergers & Acquisitions


  • Tax due diligence (buy-side and sell-side).

  • Advice on the tax aspects of structuring of transactions.

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