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Construction & Engineering

Industry Experience

Dr. Svetlin Krastanov has a substantial experience with providing tax advice to large construction & engineering projects in Bulgaria. Below is an overview of some of his projects in this area:

  • Overall tax advice to several large foreign companies performing installation/assembly/engineering/construction projects in Bulgaria.

  • Review and comments on the tax aspects of numerous agreements for engineering/installation/assembly/construction projects.

  • General tax and VAT registrations in Bulgaria as well as ongoing VAT and Intrastat compliance of several foreign companies performing large engineering/installation projects in Bulgaria.

  • Assistance with application of a Double Tax Treaty regarding engineering services provided by a foreign company to one of the largest companies in Bulgaria.

  • Assistance during tax audits and checks.

Dedicated Services

The tax services offered by Dr. Krastanov for Construction & Engineering projects includes the following:

  • Tax advice for engineering/installation/assembly/construction projects in Bulgaria.

  • Advice on the tax aspects of structuring the transactions of large construction/engineering projects.

  • Review and comments on the tax aspects of various agreements.

  • VAT registration and ongoing VAT and Intrastat compliance in Bulgaria.

  • Assistance with communication and various procedures with the National Revenue Agency.

  • Industry focused tax training events.

  • Tailor-made tax newsletters.

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