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Industry Experience

E-Commerce is developing rapidly in the recent years and various models are applied leading to various tax implications in the countries involved. Dr. Svetlin Krastanov has stong experience with providing tax advise to companies performing e-commerce. Below is a list of some of his recent projects for such companies:

  • Advice on the Bulgarian tax aspects of transactions performed by e-commerce companies.

  • Advised foreign companies selling digital services on the Bulgarian tax requirements related to their activities.

  • Assistance with the Bulgarian general tax and VAT registration of leading multinational e-commerce companies.

  • Analysis and advice on the Bulgarian VAT liabilities of distance sellers in Bulgaria.

  • Assistance during tax checks of e-commerce companies.

Dedicated Services

The tax services offered by Dr. Svetlin Krastanov for e-commerce companies are the as follows:

  • Tax advice on various aspects of transactions performed by e-commerce companies.

  • Review and comments from a tax perspective of various agreements related to e-commerce.

  • General tax and VAT registrations as well as Bulgarian VAT compliance of foreign e-commerce companies.

  • Industry focused tax training events to e-commerce companies.

  • Tailor made tax newsletters for e-commerce companies.

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