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Financial Services

Industry Experience

During his career Dr. Svetlin Krastanov has provided various tax services to for companies from the financial sector with helped him to develop a strong industry expertise. Below is a list with some of the projects that Dr. Svetlin Krastanov performed for the industry.


  • Tax advisory services on various topics provided to banks in Bulgaria.

  • Performed overall tax review of seven of the leading leasing companies in Bulgaria.

  • Provided various tax advice to leasing companies in Bulgaria.

  • Delivered opinion on the provisions in the Bulgarian VAT legislation regarding particular financial services which resulted in amendment of the VAT Act.

  • Overall tax advice on various transactions performed by one of the leading insurance companies in Bulgaria.

  • Tax review and advice on the VAT reporting provided to a leading Bulgarian insurance company.

  • Advice of the insurance premium tax, general tax registration and ongoing compliance of a foreign insurer.

  • Tailor-made VAT training delivered to several of the leading banks in Bulgaria.

  • Tax seminars delivered to many of the banks and financial services companies in Bulgaria.

Dedicated Services

Based on his solid industry experience with companies from the financial sector, Dr. Svetlin Krastanov offers the following dedicated services to his clients:


  • Tax advice on the various activities performed by banks, insurers and other companies operating in the financial sector.

  • Tax reviews with identification of tax risks and opportunities.

  • Review and comments on the tax aspects of various agreements concluded by banks and financial services companies.

  • Tailor-made tax trainings for banks and financial services companies.

  • Tailor-made tax newsletters for banks and financial services companies.

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