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Oil & Gas

Industry Experience

Dr. Svetlin Krastanov have a strong experience providing tax services to various companies from the Oil & Gas industry, including for large-scale international projects. Below is a list with some of his projects for the Oil & Gas sector:

  • Overall ongoing tax advice to various participants in large international projects in the Oil & Gas industry.

  • Tax review, identification of potential optimization and assistance with successful VAT refund provided to a company from the Oil & Gas industry.

  • Advice on various excise duties aspects of activities of several petrol companies.

  • Bulgarian VAT compliance for several foreign traders of fuel.

  • Assistance with successful ongoing VAT refunds of a foreign trader of fuel.

  • Advice on the Bulgarian tax aspects of activities envisaged by an international company providing fuel cards.

  • Advised one of the leading petrol companies in Croatia on VAT questions in relation to the EU Accession of Croatia

  • Advice on excise duty refund provided to foreign trader of fuels.

  • Advice on the Bulgarian VAT and excise duties aspects of intra-Community supplies of fuel from Bulgaria.

  • Tailor-made training on VAT, Intrastat and excise duties delivered to a leading petrol company.

Dedicated Services

The dedicated tax solutions provided by Dr. Svetlin Krastanov for the Oil & Gas industry include the following:

  • Tax, excise duties and customs advice for companies from the Oil & Gas industry.

  • Review and optimization from a tax, excise and customs duties perspectives of supply chains of companies from the Oil & Gas industry.

  • Feasibility studies and identification of opportunities for tax and excise duties refunds.

  • Review of various agreements and comments on tax, excise and customs duties aspects.

  • Industry-focused tax, excise duties and customs training events for companies from the Oil & Gas industry.

  • Tailor made newsletters for companies from the Oil & Gas industry.

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