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Industry Experience

Dr. Svetlin Krastanov has advised numerous pharmaceutical companies on the tax aspects of their activities. Below is a list of some of his projects for the industry:


  • Advice on the tax aspects of Bulgarian toll-manufacturing applied by a multinational pharma group.

  • Overall tax advice on restructuring of a representative office of a foreign pharma company into a subsidiary.

  • Advice on tax aspects of various marketing activities delivered to several pharma companies with operations in Bulgaria.

  • Overall ongoing tax advice in relation to the EU Accession provided to the Croatian subsidiary of a leading multinational pharma group.

  • Leading a regional tax project for a multinational pharma group considering various options for restructuring its activity.

  • Advice to several of the leading pharma companies in Bulgaria on the VAT aspects of the mandatory clawback payments to the National Health Insurance Fund.

  • Advice and training delivered to more than 10 pharma companies on the Bulgarian tax aspects of personal use of company assets.

  • Advice on the VAT aspects of office refurbishment activities.

  • Bulgarian general tax and VAT registrations and VAT compliance of several foreign pharma companies.

  • Successful VAT disputes and VAT refunds performed for a foreign pharma company.

  • Tailor-made tax training delivered to a Bulgarian subsidiary of a foreign pharma company.

  • Lecturer at numerous open tax seminars delivered to pharma companies.

  • Seminar on customs duties delivered to local and multinational pharma companies.

  • Speaker on Megatrends in Healthcare conference held in Sofia in March, 2016.

Dedicated Services

Dr. Svetlin Krastanov offers the following specific tax solutions for companies from the Pharmaceuticals industry:

  • Advice on the Bulgarian tax aspects of activities performed by local companies as well as subsidiaries, branches and representative offices of foreign companies.

  • Review and optimization from a tax perspective of supply chains of pharma companies in Bulgaria applying different business models.

  • Review and advice on the tax aspects of the various marketing activities performed by pharma companies.

  • Feasibility studies and assistance with VAT and excise duty refunds.

  • Tailor-made tax training events for pharma companies.

  • Tailor-made tax newsletters for pharma companies.

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