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Real Estate

Industry Experience

During his career, Dr. Svetlin Krastanov has worked on various tax projects for companies from the Real Estate industry. Below is an overview of some of his projects for this industry:

  • Tax advise to several of the largest shopping malls in Bulgaria.

  • Advice on the tax aspects of sale of a large shopping mall.

  • Tax advice provided to hotel owners in Bulgaria.

  • Review from a tax perspective of numerous agreements in relation to sale and renting of an immovable property.

  • Advice on local tax and duties liabilities owners of real estate in Bulgaria

  • Developed and applied real estate tax and garbage collection duty optimisation strategies

  • Tax due diligence and reviews performed of several real estate companies.

  • Tax training events delivered to companies from the real estate sector.

Dedicated Services

The specific tax services offered by Dr. Krastanov for the Real Estate industry include the following:

  • Tax advice on the activities of real estate companies.

  • Review and comments on the tax implications of various agreements concluded by real estate companies.

  • Tax due diligence and reviews of companies from the real estate sector.

  • Industry focused tax training events.

  • Tailor made tax newsletters for companies from the real estate sector.

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