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Retail Industry

Industry Experience

Dr. Svetlin Krastanov has strong experience with providing tax services to some of the largest companies operating in the Retail industry in Bulgaria. Below is an overview of some of his recent projects for this industry:

  • Rendered ongoing tax advice to many multinational and local companies operating in the retail sector in Bulgaria.

  • Advised foreign and local retailers on the excise/customs/ecological duties liabilities arising from their activity in Bulgaria.

  • Provided overall tax and excise/ecological duties advice to a large foreign retailer setting up his business in Bulgaria.

  • Provided tax advice and training on various promotional activities performed by retailers

  • Delivered tailor-made tax training events and open seminars to finance and accounting professionals from most of the leading retailers on the market in Bulgaria.

  • General tax and VAT registrations in Bulgaria as well as monthly VAT compliance of many foreign retailers.

  • Tax, excise and customs duties advice to companies operating or intending to operate duty-free shops in Bulgaria.

  • Real estate tax and garbage collection duty optimization project performed for one of the largest retailers on the market in Bulgaria.

Dedicated Services

The dedicated tax services for the Reail industry offered by Dr. Krastanov are the following:

  • Industry-focused tax advice for companies from the retail sector.

  • Review and comments on the tax aspects of structuring of supply chains of retailers.

  • Advice on the tax aspects of promotional activities performed by retailers.

  • Advice on the excise/customs/ecological duties liabilities and potential optimization for retailers.

  • Specialized tax review for retailers with identification of tax risks and opportunities for optimization.

  • Analysis of the deductibility of the incurred intra-group charges and other expenses for VAT and CIT purposes.

  • Review from a tax perspective of various agreements concluded by retailers.

  • Industry focused tax trainings for retailers.

  • Tailor made tax training events for retailers.

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