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Tourism & Hospitality

Industry Background

Dr. Svetlin Krastanov has an unmatched experience in the tourism taxation in Bulgaria. Below is an overview of his background in the tourism industry, tax consulting projects and solutions offered for the industry.

  • Dr. Krastanov is an author of a PhD dissertation dedicated to tax policy in the tourism sector.

  • Author of numerous publications on tourism taxation.

  • Winner of the award “Most effective publication in the tourism sector” awarded by the Bulgarian Hotel & Restaurant Association.

  • Completed various internships in the tourism industry, including at a leading 5 star hotel in Sofia and at the headquarters of a large international tour operator.

  • University lecturer on various tourism disciplines.

  • Author of proposed amendments to the Bulgarian VAT rules on tourism which subsequently have been implemented in the VAT legislation.

 Selected Tax consulting projects performed for the tourism industry

  • Delivered tailor-made tax training events to many of the leading hotels and tour operators in Bulgaria.

  • Provided ongoing tax advice to leading 5 star hotels.

  • Review and comments from a tax perspective of franchise and hotel management agreements of a large multinational luxurious hotel chain considering to enter the market in Bulgaria.

  • Tax advice on structuring of international hotel management agreements.

  • Performed tax reviews of some of the largest hotels in Sofia.

  • Provided assistance during tax checks to companies from the tourism sector.

Dedicated Services
  • Industry-focused tax advice for hotels, restaurants, tour operators, travel agencies and other companies from the tourism sector.

  • Government consulting on the tax policy in the tourism sector.

  • Hotel tax review and optimization.

  • Specialized tax reviews for tour operators and travel agencies.

  • Industry focused tax training events for the tourism sector.

  • Tailor-made tax newsletters for companies from the tourism sector.

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